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When I was little, I was innocent (for the most part). Right? We all were. Before we knew anything different, before we knew good vs. bad, before we knew our “identity” we were more like ourselves than we could ever be. You can call it immaturity but i’m like dang can I have that attitude and confidence from when I was 5 please?


I would walk around, literally not a care in the world (my massive bow low key giving me neck problems at the age of 5) what anyone thought or just so oblivious to all the bad in the world. Status, materialism, body image, judgement, labels, none of that played a factor into my life that I was conscious about. 


I did and said what I want, when I want, to who I wanted at whatever time. 


No filter. Nothing really has changed… except I had a childlike mindset. There is a difference between being childish and having childlike character. When you’re a child, you don’t give up and you’re a free spirit. 


No offense… your just getting more wrinkly with age, why would you want to lose more?


As we grow up, we tend to let our failures diminish our self confidence, it dictates our behavior, and it becomes more difficult for us to truly be ourselves honest and open. Don’t dance to the tune of what other people are wanting you to listen to because it’s completely out of sync of the song that Jesus has set for you. Just because you are maturing and leaving behind childish ways, you are still children of wisdom. A child of God. 


You are no longer defined by social media, Kylie Jenner, or the newest Yeezys. Yeah their all dope and i’m not telling you not to by them but it doesn’t put any sort of definition on who you are or your character. Just because it makes someone looked “more swagged out” on the outside, on the inside without knowing your identity and who you truly are then its pointless. They could be miserable while someone in K-Mart clothes is next to them living their life and killing it. 



Because they know who they are. A child of God. Just because there in K-Mart clothes doesn’t mean God won’t use them to start the next Chanel of handbags. With this faith, their is no limitations. Anything is possible. The greatest on your expectation. When you start thinking, living, and believing this way. I promise, your life will change forever. You will be a new creation.


Stop living in the right spot but with the wrong stance and posture. 


Start believing you are more than a number, a hair color, new pair of shoes, that label that has been placed on you, that relationship your in, or those texts you received. You have been perfectly made, you have more beautiful and have purpose than you can even see. God never looked in the mirror at you and wished he saw someone else. 


Start living the life that has been intended for you. 

Matthew 18:3




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