June 21, 2016



I'm in the best mood... feeling super energized. Four cups of coffee later. 


I love love love rompers as we all know but this one is my go-to for wanting to look cute, casual, beachy, whatever that means.. but want to eat a lot without constrictions type of look... if you know what I mean?


So today was the day because we had the best cheat day with Mexican food which was perfect because I ate as much chips, queso, and guac+margs as possible.


Now regretting as usual but worth it in the moment. 


Nothing compares to Tex-Mex but if you're in the LA area, you should check out Mercado it's bomb and their skinny spicy margzzz+queso+gauc have my heart.


This romper is For Love And Lemons super easy to put on for a dive lunch like myself, the beach, or a day out with friends. Super easy you can wear it with flat or wedges and super lightweight. 


What's your go-to? Let me know what you think!


Always, XX




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