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I hope everyone has had at least as many Starbucks as me today... I think they put something in it that is addicting??

Side Note:: New favorite drink [[ Iced Cold Brew with Vanilla- Coconut Milk ]]

This week i'm heading home back to Fort Worth, Texas where I grew up. I guess I could share a little bit about myself and my family. Like I said, I was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas which is crazy to go back to because it has grown so much. It's like a mini Dallas now.

... and no I don't ride a horse to school. I don't know why so many people ask me that especially here in LA. It's kind of funny.

I have two siblings, a sister, Alyssa and a brother, Dalton. (who i'm sure you have seen in many of my pictures) We are all two years apart and literally hated each other growing.. well they hated me but now were all best friends and it's the best. I love them so much. Dalton goes to Texas Christian University in Fort Worth and is playing basketball and Alyssa is at Baylor University in Waco, Texas playing basketball as well. I clearly didn't get that talent but it's cool I can still beat them in a race and dance is a sport... so still winning, right?

I'm super excited to go back home and hang out with them for the week. It's always crazy and something dramatic when you put as all together. Also, getting home cooked meals, going shopping, and letting yourself act like your a little kid again to have your mom take care of you? That's the bestttt.

Since i'm going home, I decided to get all your thoughts on the whole overall and bandana look.

I think it's super cute when you pair it with converse if you're hanging out during the day.

Another inspo for this look that I loved was from one of my favorites, Lauren Kennedy. Check her out.

Can't wait to share all about the trip! Any fun travel plans this summer?

Always, XX



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