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I’ve had this problem for a few months now and I thought (me being the hypochondriac I am) that I had some disease or sickness. AKA do not Web MD your problems…

My legs were swelling to the point that it looked like I didn’t have knee caps. My thighs were like one with my calf and my feet were balloons. So sick.

Anyways, I found a solution to my problem and i’m obsessed. When I was getting a massage back home my guy diagnosed me and i’ve been cured. L-O-L

Basically, I am involved in dance and fitness so I am constantly active and on my feet. My body was having a hard time generating blood flow so the toxin build up was real. He told me he was going to do the cupping method to get it going. Cupping method? Sounds scary. What is it?

Chinese cupping. The best. In every way. It's been around for agesssss

It takes no time at all- maximum 15 minutes and it has so many crazy benefits. Totally affordable, $30?

Most athletes and celebrities do it all over the world.

A cup is placed on your back and it is suctioned pulling on the skin, tissue, and muscles (like similar to when your a little kid and think it’s so cool to suck a cup up to your face so it stays… anyone? maybe just me) He placed it all over my back and on my hips because of the bloodflow for my legs.

Immediately, the circles turned a black-purplish color and he assured me that it was the toxins being released out of my body.

I walked around and people asked me about the process… or if they were tattoos? Like wtf. No.

Oh...also if you have sinus, allergies, or asthma it's great for that too.

But seriously. You have to check this out.

Especially if you’re super active. Let me know what you think.

Always XX,



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