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I can’t even begin to tell you how much these two products saved not just my hair and lashes but my life…

I’ve mentioned before the troubles with hair growth and this stuff has changed the game. After using these products for over two months and their has been a drastic difference in growth and thickness.

Hate to say it but hair can really change your whole look. I’ve had extensions before and without them in… I felt naked but after using this product i’ve had people stop and ask where i’ve gotten my eyelashes done.

I would recommend it to anyone that wants hair growth/thickness and full lashes.

The only problem is it is a little pricey but you won’t regret it.

NeuHAIR enhancing formula is a unique leave-in foam that utilizes Active Hair Technology. It is a mix of Biotin, Vitamin B7, and Vitamin B5 help provide nourishment to the scalp and protect the hair against breakage and brittleness. Silk amino acids which help moisturize and smooth the hair and sweet almond extract to bring back the softness and brilliance into the weakened hair.

NeuLash is a enhancing serum that you apply like eyeliner. It is proven to help short, brittle, thin, or sparse eyelashes regain their thickness and longer look within 30 days.

[ I haven’t tried the NeuBrow but the I have used NeuLash and it works just as well]

I usually just throw on the NeuHAIR foam when my hair is damp right out of the shower or if it’s dry and i’m in a hurry i’ll apply then put a hat on over. It’s really lightweight and you won’t even know that it’s been applied.

Try it, let me know what you think.

Always XX,



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