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This is my mane ishhhh. I love it, seriously does wonders to my hair (even my dad noticed a difference... that's saying something.)

As you can tell i'm obsessed with trying new hair things because my hair is seriously so dryyyy but this is life changing. It is a 100% natural, vegan, hair mask that is designed to revive, restore, and maintain your hairs health and shine. (so LA, right?) gluten free, yoga, vibes, coconut milk, the whole nine yards... I can't but sad the say I have embodied it without even realizing?! [Shout out to my LA people, you know what I mean]

What's the secret ingredients behind it?

Coconut Organic Virgin Oil- helps damaged, dry hair. It prevents breakage and split ends so you're hair can grow to aquamarine goals.

Avocado Oil- full of Vitamin A,D,&E which is what all girl needs because it builds a barrier against heat damage. You can curl, straighten, and blow dry with no worries of breakage.

Grapeseed Oil- full of Vitamin E, linoleum acid, proteins, and minerals. This nourishes and protects your hair against all the environmental elements instantly upon application. It leaves endless moisture and strengthening every strand.

Jojoba Oil- restores your scalp moisture and improve overall elasticity of your hair, leaving you a longer and stronger mane.

Meadow Foam- moisture and protectant against UV rays so you can lay out as long as you want with no worries. Speaking of laying out, I have the best tanning lotion that I can't wait to share with you soon!

Broccoli Seed Oil- smoothes the hair cuticle and fills your hair with a super intense natural shine.

Castor Oil- increases the blood circulation in your scalp which promotes hair growth and it also balances your PH levels.


You can buy it at Urban Outfitters. Check them out at or on Instagram @mymanecare

Try it and let me know what you think. Also, love to hear any masks you love.

Always XX,

Alex Dry


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