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Big 20

Happy 20th Birthday Alyssa! In honor of your birthday, I have written 20 things I want share with you as your older sister. Without God bringing you into this world, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

  1. The ability to fall in love with God and yourself first.

  2. A few true friends that will never abandon or try and change you but encourage and build one another.

  3. Mentors to learn and grow that will provide remarkable amount of inspiration and drive.

  4. Patience to undergo life setbacks but to see those as motivation to follow your dreams.

  5. Numerous plane trips and long car rides that will open your heart and perspective to the different cultures and the incredible world we live in.

  6. Opportunities and the bravery to know you are fully equipped to step out of your comfort zone.

  7. Endless hours of laughing… when i’m not there.

  8. Many Starbucks [extra espresso shots] white chocolate mochas and tall glasses of moscato.

  9. The faith to know all things are being worked out for your good.

  10. The chance to share to your beauty with the world. To change and impact others lives in ways you never thought were possible.

  11. The ease within your heart, mind, and spirit to rest in each stage of your life, enjoying what they all bring.

  12. The sass and toughness to always stand up for yourself.

  13. A successful career that you wake up every morning excited to pursue.

  14. The reassurance to know that your family is your biggest supporters and the ones you can always fall back on. Never forget to tell mom and dad how much you love them.

  15. A true understanding of authentic beauty and where it really exists.

  16. The strength to stand by your morals and convictions.

  17. The wisdom to understand a greater purpose in life.

  18. The fearlessness and vulnerability needed to fall in love again.

  19. A man of god that will pursue and love you for the amazing woman you are. That he will confidently love you and provide everything you hoped for and more. A man I can raise my glass and toast to give my baby sister away, knowing he is a devote husband and your best friend.

  20. The fairy tale wedding of your dreams…(which I will be there to help you plan, of course.)

As your older sister, I will be here for you forever. My love never goes away but only grows stronger. Although, we always don’t see eye to eye please always remember I only want to see you live out your biggest dreams. I am your #1 fan and so proud of everything you have become but also look forward to the woman you will grow to be. You are gorgeous on the outside but more beautiful on the inside. You will always be my mini me and I will continue to stick by your side to kick anyone’s butt (especially boys) that try to hurt you. I hope to be the older sister that guides and prays along side of you and can go through mistakes to save you from making them. I will be here for you now, forever, and always. I love you so much, i’m sorry I can’t be there for your birthday but remember that doesn’t mean you can’t live it up as though I was there. Distance only makes us closer and i’m wishing you the best birthday yet.

I hope that others read this and can share this with their sister whether your bond is strong or lost. This reminds you, amongst the crazy world we live in that the bond between siblings can forgotten but never broken. For myself, I am lucky enough to call mine my best friend.

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