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Let's talk sunglasses and how vitality important they are in so many ways. Not only our they a secure investment but here's why I don't go anywhere without them. They can be worn everyday if weather permits, can make or break that last touch on an outfit, and protect your eyes from squinting (preventing wrinkles)... Oh! and the best part of all those days where you are to lazy to do your make-up they can be your saving grace. Trends are consistently changing but I can guarantee they will come back... just like choker necklaces, jelly sandals, and denim overalls (shout out to my 90 babies) Want proof? Check out the trends below!

1. Mirrored

2. Cat-Eye

3. Aviators

4. Tortoiseshell

5. Overlays

Who doesn't love discounts and giving back while shopping?

I have joined with one of my favorite brands @bzeyewear sunglasses to give you an exclusive discount! This amazing company also donates $5 from every sale to the Aus Cancer Research Foundation! You can get 15% off + free shipping with my code “ALEXANDRA” for a limited time only!

Visit their site -

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