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New year, New Product

The only best thing besides a hot bubble bath is getting my weekly blowout at DryBar and 100% the best $40 investment I make. If I feel like indulging I will go to my favorite salon NineZeroOne on Melrose Place to the girls Marissa and Seama.

No matter how hard I try I can never make my hair look as good as when they do it. My hair is super dry and so I can usually keep a good blowout for about 7-9 days which I used to think was gross but then I learned that there are many benefits to going dirty and many ways to keeping it fresh. For those of you that are in shock because you are forced to wash your hair seven times a week, don’t worry I have the answer for you too.

After all the dry shampoo I have tried I guess you could consider me a dry shampoo connoisseur and after many favorites but also failed attempts I have found my favorite (drum roll please) Ouai’s Dry Shampoo Foam made by Jen Atkin. She is the superstar stylist to many of my favorite including Hailey Baldwin and Gigi Hadid.

This innovative product offers and works to cleanse your scalp and hair without having to step in the shower (yes, thank me now). How does it work? It’s so simple. Massage a quarter size into your roots, just like how you would do if you were shampooing your hair in the shower. The product will dry instantanously leaving your hair fresh, full, and voluminous. Not to mention Ouai’s signature gardenia scent is one of my favorites.

You can be the first to get it since it just launched on January 13th at Oh! and while you’re there check out there Wave Spray.



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