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what girls want to ask guys

Hey! Pretty excited about this.

For those who didn't know, I have a boyfriend (slash best friend) cliche... isn't it? We have been dating almost a year coming up in March!

I decided to interview him and ask him a few questions I feel like all girls would want to know from a guys perspective.

Oh! And of course, I had my opinion below (he hasn't read my responses yet)

So, here goes nothing!

“Are all your exes reaaaaaallllly ‘crazy’?”

“No to be honest, not all of them.. but majority for sure.”

[Me: Awkward… I mean I was never a crazy ex but I want to believe all of his were.]

What makes you want to date someone?

“Well…honestly I date with intentionality so at first the looks is what sparks interest but before I decide if I want to date them or not, I would have to get to know there personality but realistically it boils down to moral compass, vision/plan for there future, and compatibility like if we have fun together.”

[Me: I have to agree… looks play a HUGE part because what else would make you want to talk with someone on that level?! Then after it’s there heart, how they lead you in the relationship, the way they treat you (like if they don’t open your door or buy you flowers, say bye.]

What’s the worst thing a girl can do on a date?

“Fart. Straight up or try to throw themselves at me. Farts are gross and no one likes someone who is thirsty.”

[I would say the same for guys… but who actually farts on the first date or really in general. Bodily functions gross me out. OMG another thing is smacking if you are showing me your food while chewing or I can hear the crunch… I’m out.]

What are your thoughts on PDA?

“It’s circumstance sensitive, time and place sort of thing.”

[Me: Agreed. If I can tell the couple is super in love and its like aww that’s cute type of thing… then happy for you. If you’re making out then get a room.]

When you’re in a relationship, do you view each other as a team or as individuals?

“Absolutely a team, it’s never you vs your problem or you vs me. I always want it to be us vs everything.”

[Me: So I have to admit I can be super competitive and independent so this is something i’ve for sure been working on since Niko and I started dating. I am so lucky to have him because he’s about being super helpful and anything I need he’s there to go through with me. Team is super important because that’s what will make it last.]

What’s your definition of "love"?

“Unconditional, unwavering, selfless, support, and care for the other person.”

[Me: Compassionate, unconditional, supportive, and affection.]

What do you think girls overreact the most about?

(Just laughs at me… so he doesn’t want me to get mad) “Personal image, you always freak out and say i’m fat, I look ugly.”

[Me: This is true… i’m always complaining about how I need to loose weight. I mean what girl doesn’t? If you don’t then go girl. That’s my 2017 resolution, bod confidence.]

What’s the most hurtful thing a girl can tell a guy?

“That she doesn’t believe in him.”

[Me: The most hurtful thing I guy can tell a girl is to cut down there appearance.]

Do guys really have “types” is it based off of hair color, body, or what?

“I mean I know guys that don’t have types but I definitely have a type.”

[Me: Oh, of course. I think girls have certain types they are attracted too.]

What do guys think about spray tans?

“Everybody looks good tan, just don’t be orange.”

[Me: Good because I would spray tan anyways]

What do guys think about fake nails?

“Just don’t over-do it. Just don’t look like hoochie mama from Friday.”

[Me: WTF… who’s hooch mama?]

What do you think about make-up?

“Some girls for real need that, I think less is more because I like natural beauty.”

[Me: Is that a compliment? Aw cute.]

What do you think about red lips?

“In general not a fan. Sometimes it can look really good.”

[Me: True.]

Let me know if what other questions you have.


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