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Have hair that you literally spend hours blow drying?! I promise what I'm about to tell you will change your whole life...

Dyson Supersonic.

The one and only. Yes, it’s $399, but ladies (and gentlemen), this thing is so worth it.

I used to spend an hour+ blow drying until I bought this. Its crazy technology makes it the fastest blow dryer out there- it’s motor spins, on average, 6 times faster than other hair dryer motor! (And there is literally a hole that you can see straight through… freaking bizarre how it works.)

Dyson actually conducted a 5-year study on the science of hair and used the data to create this sucker. It has this special heat control feature that will prevent any damage from your hair and actually increase its shine. I mean your hair is, debatably, the most important aspect of beauty, so why not truly invest in it? You will not regret this purchase.

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