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To be honest… I either had no knowledge or just completely ignored bands like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Rammones, Oh! I will admit I love KISS but besides that I had NO idea who these bands were until band t-shirts made a come back.

There are so many ways to style a band tee, it can literally go with anything from jeans, jean shorts, a black leather skirt, leather jacket, heels, booties, gladiators, tennis shoes (may I go on, I think you get my point) These band tees have made a killller come back from the time my mom was in school.. like ancient years ago?! Kidding (mom if you’re reading this, I did it for the laughs) But I’m being SO serious. My mom used to rock band tees like it was no ones business and the same trend is back. Is it just me or do you feel like trends just go on a Ferris wheel and each few years a new trend gets dropped off (or something like that? I don’t know it sounds good in my head.)

recommend are Brandy Melville. There are SO many cute expensive band tees out there but don’t waste the money. I promise you can get the same shirt for less than $25.00 max. BUT first before you go anyways you should change out the thrift shoes, they are filled with band tees. A few other places are Brandy Melville,,,, and Urban Outfitters.

Let me know where you're favorite place to shop is below in the comments.


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