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I am about to introduce to you the latest and newest trends so you can begin shopping STAT. Some things are definitely going to go against your grain, but give them a chance. Be a leader, not a last-seasoner.

Power Red: bring it on, but leave the red lips behind please. (Believe it or not purple and metallic lips are making a come back. Brace yourself.)

Vintage Furs: Last season it was all about the statement fur, but for fall 2017 we're going back to basics. No frills, just fur. Think accent, not polar bear.

Glitter boots: hellllllll yes! A MUST have. The white glitter boots available for fall are out of this world. I am honestly considering splurging on SJP’s Scintillate Minnie Sparkle Bootie. We’ll see what my wallet holds after this weekend.

Western front: I am SO excited about this one! Being from Texas, this is obviously right up my alley. It’s western takes modern with leather vests and cowhide prints. Even Ralph Lauren is getting in on this one.

70ʼs plaid: This isnʼt your grungy, worn-out flanels- Iʼm talking bright, flirtatious, borderline British school-girl, preppy flannel. Even thinking about it is making me itch for fall.

Retro hats: I know the picture in your mind right now is so unflattering, but the brimmed caps and buckets that are coming out are nothing like what you are thinking. Give them a chance.

Victorian collars: I am kind of bummed about this one because tight things around my neck stresses me out, but I can hang. This cut really is gorgeous and is different enough to really count.

Leisure suits: Regina George would be proud of you. I personally love this new trend. I can rock a cute suede sweat suit with pumps...HELL YES! Bye, bye yoga pants for everyday wear.

Nylon Coats: Love this because they never wrinkle and are perfect for cool evening weather in LA. Micheal Kors, Stella McCartney, and Celine have the coats of your dreams. Nasty Gal and Forever 21 have cheaper versions if youʼre on a budget like your girl.

Deconstructed classics: This is cute and you can DIY
Fishnets- AHHH my fav. Rock it under your jeans or as socks- and- even with dresses. Sounds grungy- play with it. Make it your own.

Florals: Looking like I stepped out of my auntʼs living room… florals are everything from the shoes to gowns. At first I was like whaaa… but now Iʼm kind of digging it.

Mid length skirts: Eh… I am seriously trying. I just can’t wrap my head around what is flattering about this cut, but let me keep playing with it and I will get back to ya ladies.

Chocolate Brown: Brown is the new black. I know, it’s been a while, but I promise you NYC is going to be a big, brown blob this fall, and it’s gonna look good.

Wide Belts: I can somewhat accept this, but itʼs all in proportions. It HAS to be done right, or, well… you’ll see what can happen.




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