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School is starting back up (which I cannot get over), so Iʼve come up with a few cute school styles that will have everyone swooning... and if you canʼt tell denim is in.

Embroidered Jeans & a classic white tee: cute, classic, and comfy. White tees are so in, and if you haven’t walked into a department store lately- so are embroidered jeans.

Overalls: I am so pumped about the overalls look. You can make this smart and sexy- contrary to the little-girl connotations most get. Mix your go-to overalls with your fav fall layers take your look from summer to fall.

Denim Dress: Just get one. You will NOT regret this. Wear it with sandals while the weatherʼs warm and rock it with boots and flannel for the fall.

Sporty Denim: Light washed denim on a darker denim. I know this sounds kind of freaky and unnatural, but just try it on in the dressing room first and you will see exactly what I mean. It needs to be experienced.

Pumpkin Spice Skirt: sounds strange, like a lot of the former suggestions, but it is so hot. Once you see it on someone else you’ll wish it had been you first.

Suede: Any and all suede for fall is huge.

Fall Faves:
 Mixed prints- again, this will go against what your gut is telling you, but just leap. Floral is in. Embrace it! Don’t put your summer clothes away just yet- wear your summer dresses and layer over them with your fall flannels and exchange your sandals for boots. HOT.

Also, cute strappy dress? I know it sounds 90’s retro, but wear it over a plain white tee. It’s so much cuter than you’d think.

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