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With school just around the corner it is now safe to say that backpacks are an accessory. Everyone uses a backpack, and if you don’t- you are only hurting yourself at the mercy of trying to look cute. I PROMISE you can still look sexy AF AND wear a backpack. Lucky for us, ladies, backpacks are actually coming back to take precedence over even purses and handbags.

Below my favs:

The ASOS textured metallic Rose Gold- Hologram Backpack: My #1 pick. I LOVE this backpack. If I was still in school this would be my pick and it’s only $35!! Simple yet chic.

The Herschel Supply Co. Grove Backpack: the peach one- is so effing cute! I love it. It’s a little pricier, but we all know the value of a Herschel. Thing will last foreva! ($60 at Nordrom)

JanSport Donut Backpack: I mean, what’s not to love? Anyone who says donuts aren’t everything is either insane or a lyyyyuh. JanSport has so many different styles- donʼt worry they have ice cream cones, too. And this is one is only $36. It’s an easy YES!

The Urban Outfitter’s Iridescent Backpack in Silver: is you need a little more shine than the ASOS hologram backpack, this is it. Totally has enough funk, yet class (oh, and it is has that practical aspect of carrying your sh*t, can’t forget that…) AND it’s on sale right now for $39.99.

Adidas Original Classic: If you are sporty, and need something to hold not only your books, but your gym or practice gear, too- this backpack is awesome. The original logos are all coming back- and you can be one of the leaders in this fashion movement right heah. (And it’s only gonna cost ya $40).

Have a safe and fashionable ‘back-to-school’!

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