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Let me introduce to you something that literally changed my life and i’m not even being over the top about this. Since I was little, I have always been the girl that always gets sick with sinus infections, strep throat, and upper respiratory infections.

Getting sick, I would be out for days or even a week at a time.

You know when you walk into your favorite stores that you shop at and they know you by name… this was me but with my doctors. Not my proudest moments. I was being put on rounds of antibiotics and steroids on a bi-monthly basis (which can’t be healthy for you) Finallllly after years of suffering I got my tonsils out at the age of 19, which if you want me to write an experience on my tonsillectomy let me know if the comments below! This made a HUGE difference in my health though but I still get bad allergies, sore throat, URI, and sinus infections from time to time BUT the difference is now I have found ways to stop them right when I feel them coming on!

The magic behind what I use is COUNTER ATTACK, old school Vicks Vapor Rub, and Coffee Bean/ Starbucks Medicine Ball Hot Tea.

What is Counter Attack?

Basically like the boss of all vitamins. It activates your immune system with the most potent herbal formula, delivering 3988MG of herbal strength with the most researched herbs, including andrographis and elderberry plus Vitamin C and Zinc. It is known to clear and relieve Respiratory Discomfort with Xanthium, Yerba Santa, platycodon, horehound, mullein and Iceland moss. I suggest taking one tablet 2-3 times a day when you feel the on set of getting sick. You can pick it up at your local Walgreens, Whole Foods, or Vitamin Shoppe.

Made with natural, purity tested ingredients and NO artificial preservatives, colors, flavors or sweetness. Vegan, Contains NO: eggs, fish, gluten, milk/dairy, peanuts, shellfish, soy tree nuts, wheat.

What is in the ‘Medicine Ball’ Hot Tea?

  • Venti Cup w/ a bag of Jade Citrus Mint Tea and a bag of Peach Tranquility Tea

  • Add half hot water and half steamed lemonade

  • Add a little honey for its anti-microbial effects

  • Optional: Add a pump of peppermint

Vicks Vapor Rub

Apply to the bottom of your feet at bedtime and put socks on over. This is an old trick my grandmother taught me and it helps with alleviate coughs. Also, if you have asthma this helps soooo much! You can pick this up at your local pharmacy, Target, and some grocery stores.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or health certified by any means but these are just my opinions.

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