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First and foremost, the amount of hours I spend getting my nails done a month is embarrassing but I seriously have a true fear of bare nails. Not just on myself but others too... what is wrong with me?! It is always such a big decision when I go into the nail salon and they place the HUGE crate filled with thousands of colors in front of you and give you 10 seconds to harass you about what color you have chosen. After learning my lesson, I have finally come to the conclusion that I bring my picture of the color and style before entering the nail salon.

I have tried them all: dips, gel, acrylic, polish... literally you name it! I have to say that gel has been my go-to but when Fall comes around I'm in heaven because it is so easy to pick because of all the amazing colors.

Below, I have listed some of my favorite Fall colors that you must try this season!

The Essie Wild Nude Collection

OPI Iceland Collection

Smokey Red


Comment your favorites!

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