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With Halloween right around the corner, it's hard to put together an elaborate costume (it takes so much time and effort)... or am I just lazy?

For all my make-up lovers out there, Halloween is all about the cool face looks you can do anyways. Plus, what is better than throwing on a big oversized tee with some cute black knee boots or even some black and off white checkered vans. With the duo of a cute skeleton face look and this oversized tee you will be killing the 'lazy' Halloween look and no one will even be able to tell.

Oh! And this perfect to save money because not only are they $35.00 but you can always re-wear them (whether its a t-shirt dress with a black leather jacket and boots or nothing like another big sleep shirt)

I have found the CUTEST site where you can get all your Halloween needs fulfilled from tees, make-up, costumes, to make-up.

DISCLAIMER: if you weren't in the mood to dress up you may be now after entering into this site, DOLLSKILL.

Teen Witch Long Sleeve Tee

Vampire Bitch Long Sleeve Tee

Ghost Tee

Comment below any favorite Halloween looks you would like to see!

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