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Alright, we all know me and my Starbuck’s Chai Latte fetish. Well, things just got even better: I can improve my skin and my body from the inside out now by just adding a little summin’ to my latte.

Ladies, forget biotin. That is old news. (Not to mention it got absurdly expensive in the last few years…) The new news is Collagen… and ya eat it, not inject it. Hot or cold, day or night… it’s all good.

I have been adding Vital Proteins’ Collagen Creamers (they come in bulk, or in on-the-go packet form) to my Chair Lattes it is out of this world tasty (there are great flavors, or you can get the tasteless, which really is what it says). But, besides the tastiness or taste-less-ness, the health benefits are amazing.

This stuff is all natural, whole goodness. This not only improves your hair, nails, and skin, like Biotin, but it also improves digestion and overall joint health. So if you are not only a beauty obsessor, but also an absolute health-nut that finds the natural path to be a much better one than the alternatives out there… this is your miracle powder. Toss the “lean” chemical powder crap you’ve been swindled into buying. This is your one-stop-shop for looking and feeling your absolute best ladies.

My favorite chai tea powder-

My favorite collagen-

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