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Haha. Wash your hairbrush? I know it sounds ridiculous, but TRUST ME! This is more important than you think. Think about all of the product you put in your hair and all the build up. It’s like drinking juice out of a water bottle and never washing it. Gross. It’s super easy and you should just do it.

The obvious first step is removing all the dead hair that you got all up in that thing. I would hope that you do this every once in a while anyway.

The easiest way to clean your hairbrush is to simply shampoo it! Easy peasy… just bring it in the shower with you and use your normal shampoo or soap.

Then you have to dry it, and DO NOT dry it with a towel. That totally ruins the bristles, and some brushes are a serious investment, so you do not want to damage the main event of this important beauty apparatus. Simply blow dry the bristles until dry, or close to being dry and then let it air out.

Also, you probably don’t think about how much product actually gets built up on your brush, but think about it. It is inevitable. And these products just sit there an attract bacteria and filth. Gross. So definitely do not even think about spraying or applying product directly to your brush unless you are trying to have it break down right before your very eyes. Not to mention you are just brushing bacteria and dirt into your hair. Please, please, please don’t do this.

This is such an essential and quick step to your beauty routine. Don’t skimp out on this one!

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