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Beach to Ballroom: Sundresses for Every Occasion This Summer

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Summer is on the horizon and your calendar is filling up fast with sweet and salty beach days and fun and flirty nights out. As fun as it is being the #1 guest on everyone’s list, we know you’re stressing just a bit about how you’re going to make it to everything with a smile on your face and a fresh look on your back. Lucky for you we have just what you need to be the queen on the scene this summer and make it to Every. Single. Event. Stock up on sleek and sexy sundresses to get you through the high life and we promise going from beach to ballroom will be nothing more than a summer’s breeze.

The Midi

Nothing says sweet and innocent with a side of sassy quite better than a midi dress in a vibrant summer shade. This is the perfect style to wear to brunch with girls, munching on flakey pastries and sipping mochachinos shore side as you take in the sights of the crashing waves (and the sexy surfers flexing their muscles). But have no fear, darling, this dress might be midi but we promise you it packs a mighty punch. Add some sexy ankle strap heels and a pair of statement earrings and you’ll be ready for dinner and drinks with Mr. Summer Fling in no time flat.

The Maxi

It wouldn’t be summer without a wedding or two requesting your presence. Say Yes to the Maxi Dress this summer and make this your picture-perfect-wedding-guest look. Whether your presence is requested for a shore-side soiree in the sun or an evening under the stars we’re sure with the right statement jewelry and leg lengthening heels you’ll be the one everyone is staring at (sorry-bride-to-be).


Corporate retreats aren’t always fun, but a day drinking with coworkers aboard a bonding boat trip isn’t the worst way to spend a Friday on the payroll. Dress for success – and fun – this summer with an easy breezy striped sundress and wedges. Add a cute tote and an oversized sun hat and shades and you’ll be ready for any team-building exercises they can throw at you (or trust fall into your arms). Then when the boat docks, throw on some heels and keep that bonding experience rolling at karaoke. Because you’re a team player and quitting on your team isn’t something you know how to do.


Some days you just want to go where the wind blows. These are the days you put on your favorite floral print dress and comfy sandals and let yourself just float to whatever adventure awaits. Relax in the warm rays of the morning sun with the sand beneath your toes. And then take your zen (and sexy) self straight to the clubs to dance the night away with your best girlfriends. Because if an open minded woman such as yourself knows anything, it’s that fun is what you make it. And that is why you’ll always be the life of any party – beach or ballroom.

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