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Even though I should be writing a paper right now that is due tomorrow, I can’t stop thinking about what The Lord has shown me these past few weeks. After Valentines Day…I know so cliché but during this time I put myself in a little funk believing into little lies the enemy was trying to feed me. For a while there, I kept telling myself you know I’ll walk into a room and my husband will see me and we will fall in love. I also gave into the typical lie we all do. “you MUST meet your husband in college or you will never find him.” Wrong. SO wrong. I’m not saying that you will or will not find your husband in college because only God knows but what I do know is that in our society men make it so easy for us to believe that gentleman aren’t out there. What has happened to the old fashion picks the girl up, walk her to the front door, open the car door? Or just simply wanting to have a genuine conversation or friendship with no “hook-ups” or self-benefits expected. Guys somehow think this is attractive or how “they get girls” but the funny thing is that’s the way our society has laid out but in reality you attract what and who you are. 

I’m not trying to pinpoint men in any way because as young women I know we all have our flaws as well. You are what you attract, isn’t that so eye opening? We expect all these things but are we living in a way that is going to stand out to a male spiritual leader? Its not about the clothes you wear, how often you attend church, the make-up or hair but what it is about is are you living radiant through the gospel are you exuding the holy spirit that lives inside of you? 


Girls I’m sure you’re sitting there going well I’m not perfect. I have messed up so many times why would any other guy look twice at me. 


This is probably the best news you can ever hear:

You are a perfect creation made from the perfect creator. You are the daughter of God who views you as his loved one, accepted, valued, appreciated, respected, cherished, adored, and genuinely drop dead gorgeous. You are restored whole through Him, he will never abandoned you and His plans are greater than your greatest expectations. 


For some like myself, the Lord is telling you “wait patiently and build an intimacy with him not focusing on future relationships, I am diligently working preparing not only your heart but the one I have chosen as well. This is your season of winter, until the time is right give me your whole heart, distractions, burdens, temptations, and worries. I’m in control, trust me just wait patiently.” 


For others, you may be reading this and in a serious relationship or just entering in one, I suggest you to stop and reflect. If this isn’t a person you could see yourself marrying then break up with him. Seems kind of harsh but why waste and invest time into an intimate relationship that is not apart of Gods plan for either one of you. All women deserve a man who will step up and be a spiritual leader, one who is not afraid to go amongst the crowd and step out from “what the cool thing to do is.” A man that will treat you with the upmost respect and love but over all of these that his love for the Lord is radiant through out your relationship. 

God’s timing is PERFECT. 


Inspired by: Marian Jordan


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