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So you want to go to the city? Which city you ask? The city I say. Well, I know from experience that yes, everyone wants to go to New York and experience what it has to offer, but it is super intimidating when it comes down to it. Like where the eff are you supposed to go? What are you really supposed to see? I have come up with a fool proof plan to ensure that you have the most kick-ass-New-Yorker of a visit:

Where to stay?

The Carlyle Rosewood Hotel, “A true New York Landmark”. It’s all in the address as they say in NY… and this place has got it. It is on 76th and Madison (Upper East Side) just a block from central park and in walking distance to the Met and the Guggenheim. You will walk into this lobby and instantly feel like a badass and that you are a force to be reckoned with. Yea, it’s pricey, but so is a trip to New York. If you’re going, you might as well go all out.

Where to eat?

The River Café: This place is great for any meal, but offer an awesome breakfast. It is located on the river right under the Brooklyn bridge and you can see the Statue of Liberty right across the river. The food is so fresh and funky.

The Spotted Pig: Great lunch spot. The menu has a great variety to choose from, but is limited in the options. This almost makes it easier, and no matter what you choose, you will be so satisfied. It was also just nominated for the James Beard Award this year.

By Chloe: So, you’re a vegan? Well, do I have a place for you. OMGGG I promise you this will be by far the BEST vegan restaurant you have ever been to. The atmosphere is so cool and the location on Bleecker is just so New York. You’ll feel like a local.

For Dinner, The Mermaid Inn: I mean yea, this place is expensive. But, again, you’re in NYC for crying out loud! You need to spend money to really live it up! This. Place. Is. Phenomenal. It has almost 5 stars in the most competitive restaurant industry in the world. I would definitely book you reservation now. No, really… do it right now. Here is the number: (212) 799-7400.


Pietro Nolita: I hope you like the color pink as much as I do! This place is super cute and quirky. This is a great place for a opportunity to feel the funk of New York, but if you’re looking for romance, you may want to save this one for a girl’s weekend.

Also any of the ‘Major Food Group’ restaurants from New York City’s native family, the Carbones, are sure to put you in the full Empire state of mind. But, again, make those reservations today.

Where to Shop?

OMG, girl, about to be blown away. Shopping in New York is like going to the Louvre. The best place to go for great shopping that ranges from thrift to Gucci is in SoHo. South of Houston, baby! (And no, not like it Texas, “House-ton” like in NYC.)

Obviously you have to go to Barney’s New York on Madison. I mean, you’ve seen it on the screen in just about every movie ever made that takes place in New York.

If you want to venture over to Brooklyn (which I highly recommend), check out Catbird. You will not regret the trek.  

And then there were shoes…Bergdorf Goodman, of course. Now this is like seeing the Mona Lisa in the Louvre. Do. Not. Skip. This.

What shows should I see?

I absolutely loved Chicago! Hamilton is obviously a big hit, but good luck getting tickets. And I really, REALLY want to check out Natasha, Pierre, and The Great Comet of 1812 with Ingrid Michaelson!! (She will only be there until August 15th!)

And, Now you’re in New York! This is such a small snippet of what there is to do and see in NYC, but I guarantee if you hit up these places you will find so many other awesome things in between!

                                                                                          Instagram Worthy Walls 

The Plaza Hotel

The Flatiron Building

Bethesda Fountain

 Brooklyn Bridge

Grand Central Station

Top Of The Rock

The Met

The Oculus

Love Wall & Gigi Hadid Wall (street art)

MacDougal Street Homes

  You can’t miss Little Italy which has a plethora of perfect photo opportunities! You’ll be sure to accumulate those likes in these places.

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