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I was just here for Labor day (this past weekend) for 2 nights and 3 days and I was floored. Palm Springs is a best kept secret in Cali… well, not so much secret as of late, but definitely best kept. Palm Springs is unlike any other place I have ever been… it’s kind of like that place in cartoons when they get mirages… so paradise. It is paradise. And here is why you should go there and where to go when you do:

Where did we stay? 

The Sagauro Hotel Palm Springs: if you follow me on Instagram you saw, first hand, how amazing this place is and how much fun I had there. I stayed there for the entirety of my visit to Palm Springs and I cannot imagine having stayed anywhere else. 

The pool view room was amazing and the rooms themselves are bright and perky. And the bright colors of the hotel itself!! PERFECT place for optimal IG photos. If you didn’t see my own scenes on IG, definitely google this place. It really is a place to experience. If you are looking for a high energy-fun vibe, loud music, and events going on from sun up to sun down check out this hotel. It’s an ongoing party every day, and night. The food was also great. I would give it the highest rating all around.

Check it out: 


Where to eat? 

Obviously the first thing I think about is breakfast… ok, let’s be honest… brunch. And in this case it’s Cheekyʼs in Palm Springs. I had their Grilled Chicken and Avocado Sandwich with Pesto and it was ahmazing. Even thinking about this place now is making me hungry… 

There is this awesome restaurant in The Ace Hotel called King’s Highway and it is everything. You kind of feel like you’re in a movie sitting at this sort of retro-diner-place. Great place for lunch.

The Parker Hotel- ok, so this place is packed with the best of dining experiences. Norma’s is great for brunch. Again, has a very retro-feel to it with amazing food. Then there is The Mini Bar- and this is a perfect place to grab a cocktail in your killer outfit before going to dinner at Mister Parker’s. And, yes, Mister Parker’s is a little on the pricey side… but trust me… it is worth every penny. If you are looking to put on your best and feel your best and have the best dining experience… this is your place. 

Eight4Nine- this place is amazing. The décor is really something to experience, and the menu is phenomenal. I would say this place is a MUST if you are visiting Palm Springs. 

The Purple Room- OHHHHMG- this place is not only, yes, purple, but it is such a great time. It’s great for a date night, or a girl’s night. It’s just great. They have live entertainment every night- and it’s rated entertainment. There is nothing hokey about this place. It is authentic and perfect. 

Places you have to visit near by: 

Whenever I travel, I always try my best to make sure I get a good workout in as well and my favorite way to work out is to go for a good, long hike. This way I get to still be outdoor and burning off all those cals I just enjoyed the night before at Mister Parker’s. When I’m in Palm Springs I always make sure to make a day out of Joshua Tree National Park. Not only does it have amazing hikes, but it is also just a tremendous place to see. It isn’t a National Park for no reason. It is breath taking. Truly. It’s a must. 

If you’ve already made it to Palm Springs… you cannot forgo Salvation Mountain. Not only is it just a natural tourist attraction, but it also a great spot for Instagram photos and a place to be cultured. 

Events to attend: 

The most obvious, of course, is Coachella. Enough said.

But what may not have been said to you is Stagecoach which is an amazing annual Country Music Festival in Palm Springs. If you like country music, hell even if you don’t like country music, this festival will MAKE you like country music, and it is just the best of times. Check it out, seriously. And any festival is a great excuse to travel. 

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