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While winter and cute ski outfits come to mind when someone mentions Salt Lake City, it is super cool no matter the season. According to Forbes, it is 4th out of 15 cities that best suits young, adults, like you and me, looking for fun. So, a blast is pretty much a guarantee, but if you still need some guidance from experience in SLC, here ya go:


The Roof Restaurant- OMG this place is everything. Not only is the food unreal, but they have a freaking gourmet dessert buffet. Enough said. Well, maybe there’s a little more… the view is AMAZING. The restaurant overlooks Temple Square and Downtown. #instagramworthy

Feeling like a carnivore? Texas de Brazil is ahhhmazing. They serve grilled meat carved table side. What’s better than that when you are absolutely starving?

When I was last in SLC I found two great brunch spots (obviously): The Grand America Hotel. This place is fancy smancy, but the food and atmosphere make it worth every penny. The chef-manned food stations made it all the more entertaining and fresh. And the brunch at Sundance Resort/Foundry Grill- is unbelievable. A totally difference experience and atmosphere. I strongly suggest you go to both. If there’s a time to be basic, it is always for brunch.

La Caille- French cuisine is my weakness, and this place hit every spot. Not to mention you do not feel like you’re in a restaurant. You feel like you just became a Rockefellar and you’re just strolling through one of your many Ranch estates. Unreal.

Bruges Waffles- ok, now that I just broke your wallet (you’ll get over it, you know it was worth it), you can redeem yourself with the best effing waffle you’ve ever had. You worked out this morning in the dinky hotel “gym”, right? No? Well, you deserve this anyway.

Swig- if you’ve never been to one of these, you’re going to freak. It’s like an old-fashioned drive thru soda company place and you pick any soda and add any “dirty shot” to make a “dirty soda” (No, they are not alcoholic, but they do have a ‘malibu dirty soda’). Also they sell these banging sugar cookies that are a must.


The Protein Foundry (get the Acai bowl and the avocado toast), The Park Cafe (overlooks Libert Park in SLC)

Places you must go and see in SLC:

Donut Falls hike- I mean you should probably burn off some of those waffle calories… and there’s an awesome waterfall.

Park City- obviously you must go here in the winter, even if only to show off your snow bunny attire. But, it’s also such an awesome place during the remaining three seasons. Main Street is awesome and SundanceSki Resorts is gorgeous (yes, Sundance as in the festival It started here). Check out Great Salt Lake Flats & Salt Lake Temple grounds. You should definitely drive the Alpine Loop and then head over for a hike at Ensign Peak. It overlooks the entire SLC valley- you do not want to miss it.

If you’re already in Utah, you have to go to Moab. Pictures could never do this place a justice. It’s not a National Park for nothing! Zions - Angels Landing hike is amazing. Again, you are going to need to take these hikes not only for the views, but to burn off those amazingly delicious calories you just consumed.

Lake Powell is also unreal.  Don't forget your swimsuit! There’s hot springs, and you’re gonna want to get them! You can also swim in a freaking crater in Midway, Utah.

Go bobsledding, Mon at Ohhhlympic park in Park City, Mon. (Shut up, I effing love that movie.)

*Ok, this is a must: Shoot the tube- you take these tubes up this hike to a tunnel, use a construction sign that's up there to back up water flow, then you move sign and it shoots you down the tunnel-like, what? This is in SLC by the mouth of Cottonwood Canyon. It’s a best kept secret by the locals

Not feeling adventurous one day? Need an outfit for the night’s plans? Check out City Creek outdoor shopping mall.


Where to Stay?

Deer Valley Montage Resort in Park City. You can ski right to the door of your condo and it’s gorgeous no matter what time of year it is.  

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