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I mean, have you ever heard one negative thing about this place? “OMG, the weather is like too perfect, it’s awful…” Yea, no. This city is literally paradise. You cannot go wrong here. Grab your bikini and shades, girl, let’s go!


Where to stay: Hotel De Cornado. LOVE! is the only way to describe this place. Just google image it and book your res. It is like the goshhdang Mt. Washington Hotel, but in Cali.

Things to do: Beach Horseback riding, obviously. #instainstagram

Shopping: La Jolla and Seaport Village. These both are a must. No ifs ands or buts.

Places to go: Whether you like day drinking or a night out on the town, the Gaslamp Quarter is so freaking fun. Great bar scene. San Diego Zoo: it is literally the West Coast’s equivalent to the Brooklyn Zoo. You just gotta go.

Balboa Park: this place deserves an entire day. It has like 17 museums and all of these attractions and fun sh*t to do. It’s another must-go while you’re in San Diego.

Restaurants: (and there are so many more. These are just my absolute must-go’s when I am in SD.)

Brooklyn Girl Eatery- coolest atmosphere, hip, chic, great drinks.

Puesto- (at the Heartquarters) this locally sourced Mexican restaurant is amazing.

Taco El Gordo- as authentic as a tacos can possibly be. Go here.

Bing Haus- This is such a cozy, little spot to dip into for a mid-day espresso and Thai-rolled ice cream (best pick-me-up!).

The Mission- BREAKFAST. You must come here for breakfast. Make this your mission. No, but for real. And they have an awesome Gluten free menu. #instagramworthy

Communal Coffee- this coffee shop is the cutest freaking thing I’ve ever seen. It is like half coffee shop half florist shop. #instagramworthy

TRUST Restaurant- such a cool. RUSTic, get it?!, spot. Definitely worth a dinner in San Diego, but better yet- Brunch!

Pop Pie Co.- I mean, what the eff can go wrong with gourmet Pop pies?! You can’t not go here. You will regret it.

Oscars- this place embodies San Diego in every Mexican-Seafood-bite. Top of your list- put it there.

Holy Matcha- Mattttchaaaa… Matcha tea is the best, and this is the best place to get some.


                                                                                   Instagram Worthy Spots:

Carlsbad Flower Field (March-April)

Paseo Del Norte

Carlsbad, CA

Mural 4223 30th St

One Pointed Attention

Ivanhoe Ave

La Jolla

Ocean Side Pier


Mission Basilica Sane Diego de Alcala

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